Yemen Emergency

The Lives In Yemen Are At Risk

Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently facing a dire humanitarian crisis. About 14% of its population, approximately 4.5 million people, have been displaced. Over 21.6 million people are in critical need of humanitarian aid and protection services. The country is on the brink of widespread famine, with tens of thousands already experiencing conditions akin to famine and an alarming 6 million people being on the verge of it.

The Lives In Yemen Are At Risk

Recent escalations have exacerbated the threat to the lives of civilians. Yemen, being in an extended period of conflict, faces a severe blow due to these latest incidents. The current situation brings a significant risk of adverse effects on the livelihoods of people in affected areas, who are already in extreme vulnerability.

Water-borne diseases are prevalent due to inadequate clean water and sanitation facilities, and the disruption in healthcare services has left the population without crucial medical care.

Yemen Needs Your Help

In this critical time, your generous contributions can bring relief to countless families in Yemen, who are currently enduring unimaginable suffering. Saba Relief is on the front lines, actively directing your support to those in dire need.

By donating today, you provide vital assistance in nutritional support, access to life-sustaining clean water, and critical winter supplies to help them combat the harsh conditions of the season. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the lives of those who are grappling with the devastating consequences of this crisis.

Act now. Donate today and be a beacon of hope and support for those in desperate need in Yemen.