School Essentials

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£10 School Kit - £20 Uniform - £35 Student Package

The atrocious conflict in Yemen has devastated the lives of millions of people and obliterated the education system and critical public infrastructure. According to UNICEF, schools are frequently under attack, and over 2 million children are out of school.

Disrupted Education System Affects Yemen’s Youth

Despite the attacks, the morale of Yemen’s youth remains unshaken. Children are eager more than ever to overcome difficulties and hardships with the help of knowledge. They consider schools and Madrassas to be their haven where they can protect their dreams and hopes for a better future.

Thousands of teachers are not compensated for their efforts, and many children drop out of work or fight. Nearly 2,900 schools in Yemen have been destroyed or used for non-educational purposes. Disrupted education is one of the factors that has left Yemen trapped in a cycle of poverty and unfulfilled potential.

Rekindle Hope Through Education

By encouraging the growth of knowledge and learning within communities, we can empower and protect struggling nations from further downfall. For example, the orphans and children of low-income families in Yemen prioritise and wish to get educated regardless of their hardships.

Saba Relief’s School Essentials Project is designed to help needy children in Yemen by supplying them with school bags containing essentials such as notebooks, pens and other academic materials, school kits, and uniforms.

Your support and contribution can ensure the survival, growth, development and well-being of the disadvantaged boys and girls in Yemen and close the gap in social inequality. Let’s together fulfil their fundamental right to an education that they deserve.