In the most powerful nights of Ramadan, in the last ten days invest in a Sadaqah Jariyah (long-term charity) and earn immense rewards only known to Allah by supporting our noblest and most heavily focused 100% DONATION POLICY project, orphan sponsorship. An opportunity to walk besides our Prophet (pbuh) in Jannat al-Firdows as motivated in a powerful hadeeth;

I and the one who cares for an orphan shall be in Jannah like these two. ”

(Held his index finger to the one next to it)

1 – Sponsor One Orphan
2 – Sponsor Two Orphans
3 – Sponsor Three Orphan

Don’t miss this opportunity to walk besides the messenger of Allah (pbuh) in Jannat al-Firdows. Help the parentless orphans of Yemen who need your Sadaqat now more than ever before, and are trapped amidst the world’s worst crisis where 2.3 million children are internally displaced, 2 million are out of education, and 12.9 million children rely on our aid to survive… hasbunAllah

🌙 Ramadan Mubarak, may Allah (swt) accept our collective efforts…