Charity Bakery

Save A Life with a Piece of Bread.

£10 a month

Due to food insecurity and inflation, more and more families are left to fend for themselves just to eat one meal. At the mercy of hunger and starvation, all they have is the hope of outside aid.

What Can A Charity Bakery Do?

By facilitating a bakery in Yemen, Saba Relief aims to provide bread & food essentials to hungry families in the country. Knowing that something as simple as a piece of bread can be a lifeline to a hungry child, a simple supply through a bakery could be their hope.

This is the motivation behind baking bread: To serve humanity and feed the hungry people of Yemen. But, we cannot do this alone.

What Can You Do?

Through your contributions, we are able to open bakeries across the country. More and more bakeries will allow us to reach as many families as possible. So join us in this mission to feed the hungry families in Yemen and donate today.