Education is one of the most significant parts of a child’s growth, and without it, a child cannot thrive. Hence, Saba Relief strongly believes that education is a key that unlocks countless opportunities.

As a sponsor, you also get a chance to communicate with your sponsored family or child through emails or letters. Saba Relief sends your donation proceeds directly to enhance your sponsor’s experience by providing them with basic necessities and personal care items.

Saba Relief’s Food Programme consists of many ways of feeding the needy. From Food Parcels, to sharing bread from our Charity Bakery, we facilitate hungry families across Yemen by feeding them in these times of crisis.

Yemen suffers from the largest humanitarian crisis that is fueled by the ongoing conflict resulting in deterioration of healthcare. The failing medical system has made it extremely difficult for the poor to survive diseases, illnesses and health-related problems.

Water is a basic human right and is crucial to survival. Yet millions of vulnerable people in Yemen bear the brunt of drought and water shortage and often travel long distances to safe water.

Fulfil this important religious obligation and earn continuous reward after death, in-sha-Allah.