Kidney Dialysis

Yemen needs your help to save the lives of kidney-afflicted and impoverished patients.

£100 a month for each patient.

Poverty, water scarcity, and lack of access to healthcare have led many lives to life-threatening illnesses in Yemen. Among which, kidney failure is one of the major causes. Naturally, patients with kidney issues are forced to lose hope as their country lacks adequate equipment for kidney dialysis.

Once a kidney fails, it stops the ability to clean blood, resulting in a need for a kidney dialysis machine to clean blood manually. This process needs to be carried out 3 times per week for the human body to function with clean, regular blood. However, in Yemen, due to a lack of proper equipment, patients are forced to limit their dialysis to only once or twice a week.

A Brief History Of Kidney-Related Issues In Yemen

The weakening health system is a direct effect of the humanitarian crisis, which struggles to support people who have chronic kidney diseases, are on dialysis or have had a kidney transplant. Most healthcare facilities and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed, leaving over 17.9 million people unable to access basic healthcare in the country.

Previous statistics from the Yemeni Ministry of Health reveal that over 5,000 people suffer from kidney failure and that one-third of them lack access to healthcare due to the conflict in the country. An estimated 25% of dialysis patients in Yemen have died every year since 2015, contributing to the already rising mortality rate in the country.

Dialysis supplies, functioning dialysis machines, and funds are needed to ensure the mortality rate does not rise further.

They Need Your Help Now, So Don’t Wait!

Saba Relief aims to facilitate victims of kidney failure with proper equipment for their survival. Through our healthcare programme, we aim to provide adequate kidney care for patients on the verge of losing hope, but we need your help.

With your support and our resources, we can save thousands of lives. Our collaborative efforts can make a difference and can help the kidney-afflicted people of Yemen as you donate to Saba Relief’s Kidney Dialysis Project. This project exists to raise funds for education, research, prevention and screenings for those in Yemen facing kidney-related issues.