Health Programme

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Yemen suffers from the largest humanitarian crisis that is fueled by the ongoing conflict resulting in deterioration of healthcare. The failing medical system has made it extremely difficult for the poor to survive diseases, illnesses and health-related problems.

Approximately 20.1 million people in Yemen cannot fulfil essential medical needs, as just 53% of the health facilities function correctly. Still, most lack operational specialists, equipment, and essential medicines. As a result, the critical healthcare system has negatively impacted the vulnerable, especially women and children.


Saba Relief is on a mission to provide a more robust health system to reach the most vulnerable populations. Our humanitarian efforts allow financial and in-kind support for hospitalised patients within Yemen.

By bridging the health systems gaps, Saba Relief aims to strengthen Yemen with healthier and stronger communities. Rebuilding the primary health system is crucial to stabilise the economy and help the people of Yemen come out of poverty.


Our Health Programmes include various projects to urgently help those who require assistance and support. Saba Relief is committed to providing necessary lifesaving medical assistance and protection from preventable diseases so that children and their families can lead healthier lives.

Saba Relief can continue to reach more vulnerable families and provide even better health facilities with your generous support. Your donations can further ensure community health activities and services for the impoverished people in Yemen. So let’s together support more families suffering health issues.

The Projects

The objectives that Saba Relief’s on-ground teams hope to accomplish are:

Medical Aid/Vouchers

Distribution of medical packs and vouchers to provide treatment to poor and high-risk patients.

Medical Equipment

Acquiring necessary medical equipment to provide free of cost quality treatment to millions suffering in silence.

Cataract Treatment

Free sight screenings, prevention and treatment of cataracts as an increasing number of adults in Yemen are getting afflicted.

Kidney Dialysis

Providing medical attention and treatment to numerous individuals with kidney problems and those at risk of dying.