Water Programme

Severely affected by drought and a shortage of clean water, Yemen needs your help

Water is a basic human right and is crucial to survival. Yet millions of vulnerable people in Yemen bear the brunt of drought and water shortage and often travel long distances to safe water.

Saba Relief’s water projects aim to establish a sustainable water network in Yemen, distribute hygiene kits, and educate the population about safe hygiene practices to promote healthy and safe lives.

Yemen is a Water-Scarce Country

Due to years of conflict and disaster, Yemen has been severely affected by water scarcity. As a result, about 17.8 million people in Yemen lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation, risking millions of innocent lives.

Moreover, the current water network is barely sufficient for less than 30% of Yemeni population, forcing countless women and children to travel miles to fetch clean water.

Saba Relief Works To Provide Safe Water Sources in Yemen

Saba Relief works to establish and maintain clean water sources for the struggling communities in Yemen. Our projects aim to make clean drinking water accessible to as many people as possible.

Water Well

A sponsored, manual water well is a lifeline that is connected to the heart of a rural village. You can be the one to donate a water well and transform the lives of many, today.

Family Water Tank

Lack of safe water in Yemen has led to many health outbreaks, including cholera and diarrhoea. Donate to a Family Water Tank and save innocent lives.

Public Water Tank

Give the life-saving gift to an entire community in Yemen by donating to a Public Water Tank. Help Saba Relief provide relief to vulnerable people.

Provide Life-Saving Support For Just £10 a month

19.3M People are Struggling

Currently, more than half the population of Yemen – about 19.3 million people – struggle to find clean drinking water. By contributing to our water programme, you help Saba Relief install sustainable water sources and improve lives in Yemen.

More Than Half a Million Children Die Due to Diarrhoea

It’s crucial to distribute safe water to communities to prevent the outbreak of water-related diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera. Help us make clean water accessible for the people of Yemen.

Saba Relief Provides Reliable Water Sources in Yemen

Saba Relief is committed to providing reliable and sustainable water supplies to help Yemen survive drought and poverty. We also aim to educate people about hygiene awareness to promote safe lives.