Make The Most Of Your Blessings This Holy Month

The month of Ramadan provides believers with ample opportunity to extend their gratitude to their lord. Join us in lending a helping hand to those suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Ramadan – A Time Of Blessings

Ramadan is a time for quiet reflection on the blessings that your Lord has to graciously bestowed upon you. So as your family sits at the table during iftar in service of Allah, pay your blessings forward to ensure that another family is able to do the same in Yemen. Sponsor a family today through our sponsorship program.

Your fast is a symbolic one providing a testament to the hardship that millions endure on a daily basis in Yemen. With lack of access to food and clean drinking water year-round, Yemenis face significant barriers in the observance of their religious obligations during Ramadan. Lend a helping hand to make this holy month easy for others.

“The Prophet (Muhammad) was the most generous of people, but he would be his most generous during Ramadan.” 

Narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Hadith 5)


Zakah is a crucial pillar of Islam and shows your compassion and generosity for the most vulnerable communities around the world.


Sadaqah is a voluntary charity given to please Allah S.W.T and solve the hurdles faced by impoverished communities.Sadaqah can be given as a monetary donation or by doing simple good deeds such as smiling at a stranger or offering a helping hand to the needy.


The literal meaning of Sadaqah Jariyah is ongoing or continuous charity. It is a voluntary charity that people can give on behalf of themselves or their loved ones, even those who have passed away.


Fidya is an Islamic charity that only becomes obligatory to donate when a person cannot fast during Ramadan for any legitimate reason, such as medical conditions, old age, prolonged illness, or long-distance travel.


Zakat al-Fitr/Fitrana is an obligatory religious charity, compulsory for those who have enough wealth. Fitrana is given to ensure the needy and the impoverished can celebrate Eid al Fitr with ease and with a celebratory spirit.