Ramadan 2023

Make The Most Of Your Blessings This Holy Month

The month of Ramadan provides believers with ample opportunity to extend their gratitude to their lord. Join us in lending a helping hand to those suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Ramadan – A Time Of Blessings

Ramadan is a time for quiet reflection on the blessings that your Lord has to graciously bestowed upon you. So as your family sits at the table during iftar in service of Allah, pay your blessings forward to ensure that another family is able to do the same in Yemen. Sponsor a family today through our sponsorship program.

Your fast is a symbolic one providing a testament to the hardship that millions endure on a daily basis in Yemen. With lack of access to food and clean drinking water year-round, Yemenis face significant barriers in the observance of their religious obligations during Ramadan. Lend a helping hand to make this holy month easy for others.

“The Prophet (Muhammad) was the most generous of people, but he would be his most generous during Ramadan.” 

Narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Hadith 5)

Health Programme

Bestow the gift of health to those in need. We provide access to medical equipment, dialysis treatment and cataract operations for Yemenis with a lack of medical infrastructure.

Food Programme

Your donations go towards providing food parcels to those Muslims observing their fasts in the face of a grave humanitarian crisis. Help the Ummah in performing their duty to Allah.

Water Programme

Without access to clean drinking water, millions of Yemenis fall ill each year. Your aid will ensure that those observing fasts are able to break it with clean water without the threat of disease looming over the horizon.